Serta the Somnomancer
played by John
Character Information
Class Magic-User
Level Lvl. 1
Gender Concealed
Alignment Neutral
Lived Ep.12 - Ep.13
Death by The Long Slumber (Hobgoblin wrought)
STR 11 INT 9
DEX 9 WIS 12
CON 10 CHA 11
Max HP 3
Spells Known
  • Sleep
Languages Spoken
  • Common
The soporifically-spoken sorcerer known as Serta the Somnomancer, is mercifully taciturn. Not often get invited to parties, Serta has sought out the adventuring life to ‘get out there and meet people’.

Somnomancy Trivia: The spell commonly known as Sleep, is actually a fearsomely monotone recitation of "The Incountation of the Morphian Sheep".