A break down of the major happenings in the first episode of the Keep on the Borderlands play-through, with timestamps. (Courtesy of fake_alex_blue on Twitch)

Character creationEdit

         Andrew: Bartleby the Marginal (Dwarf), Feldrick the Far-Voiced (Magic-User)
               	       Dave: The Shadow (Thief), Ralph (Cleric)
            Hilary: Gristle Turnipsworth (Halfling), Ingrid the Plain (Fighter)
               	     John: Hawthorne (Elf), Chunk Flunkins (Dwarf)	

1st Break (In Town)Edit

  • 1’46” Heinrik at the bank, offers services for money changing. GP-> SP etc. Will also exchange items of value eg. objets d’art, gemstones etc.

Depositing money in the bank is free, but there is a fee (as yet,  unspecified) charged for withdrawing banked money.Buying a ‘last will and testament’ costs 5 SP. (Presumably, this allows the posthumous transfer of banked money to another PC.)

  • 1’51” Tomas the Bailiff is willing to help negotiating a contract with The Castellan, if adventurers can return with some proof of their capability, their accomplishments within The Caves of Chaos.

2nd Break (On The Road)Edit

  • 2’17” Looking for tracks is an INT check, no bonus by default.
  • 2’34” Until 4th level (where eXpert rules may apply), for navigating the Woods, the DM tells you how long it takes and rolls for random encounters. (DM Fiat)
  • 2’35” Quick movement on Roads is approximately 3 hexes per hour.
  • 2’39” 25% bonus on Move Silently check, (for The Shadow) to remain concealed in the Woods.
  • 2’39” Cautious movement in Woods is approximately 1 hex per hour..
  • 2’52” Armour is always assumed to be worn. There’s no mention of donning/doffing armour in the rules. It’s tough enough for PCs as it is.

3rd BreakEdit

  • 3’06” Initiative is rolled individually; not as a whole party. (Optional rule, B23)
  • 3’16” First PC DEATH Bartleby the Marginal, neck crushed by Wolf’s jaws. Later partially devoured. (Andrew’s PC)
  • 3’19” First KILL Chunk Flunkins, killed a Wolf. (Acted twice in a round, but DM allowed it.)
  • 3’24” Check morale after a side’s first death in combat, and again at 50% casualties. (Rule recommended on B27.)
  • 3’24” Initiative is rolled each round. (Standard rule, B24)
  • 3’29” Hide in Shadows roll (for The Shadow) to be unnoticed by a combatant in preparation for Backstab. 25% bonus for dim/flickering light.
  • 3’29” The Shadow’s FIRST Kill skewered a Wolf through the back of the head with a crossbow bolt.
  • 3’35” Ingrid the Plain’s FIRST Kill. Fictionally (and literally) positioned herself astride a Wolf and slashed it to pieces with her sword.
  • 3’41” Chunk Flunkins took ALL the chunks out of another Wolf.
  • 3’42” Attackers add +2 to hit retreating opponents. (Standard rule, B24.)
  • 3’43” The Shadow murders a fleeing Wolf, crossbow bolting it to the turf in the clearing near the campfire.
  • 3’47” If you have two characters and one dies, the surviving PC automatically gets 1st pick of the deceased’s possessions. (Unless another PC kills your character.)